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Out of the gate
Blank slate
Lines yet drawn
Belie the con
Days thrown like stones
Break your bones
And limp through time
Bereft of rhyme

written by Scott Schoffstall
© April 12, 2016
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


The Pacing Man

let me tell you of the pacing man
moving his feet to stop his mind
from treading over bygone step
a wandering thought begets another
and another and impels towards
the abyss
and so the impetus for another trek
under the fire retardant sky
where concrete and steel
incubate the disease
and the sun impales with shafts
to wound with beauty

written by Scott Schoffstall
© July 4, 2014
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn

Gun to my head

The world is a junkie
and I’m just a monkey
with halo riding low

I want the world to change
but the world won’t kick
left to derange
it don’t miss a trick
blow by blow

a dead-on chill
left for dread
jones a cheap kill
better off bled
slipnot drop
the gun to my head
and neverending no

they tell me I’m mad
but only their drag
inhales the shot
sold and bought
backfire, to be had
next thing you’re not

life in a body bag


written by Scott Schoffstall
© September 25, 2013
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


within, the beginning was clearly displayed
without, they spoke myself for subject to be
remade in their image per sovereign decree
and I donned their word so everyone would see

underneath, what I truly feared portrayed
was this breached insecurity I tried to hide
I knew the truth because it spoke inside
but these outward others would only deride

I then became their masque and their role I played
to hide myself from myself and pretend
into the incrowd, therefore I would blend
for heaven forbid I these offenders, offend

so I brought them only what brought accolade
and tho seen through their scene for the fool in view,
I hardened any inward truth I knew
for I feared more the hardness that comes from you
photo (28)
written by Scott Schoffstall
© May 25, 2013
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


lo these many years
I entreat before thee
all their days and nights
one devoted to the other
yet denied thy pardon
I remain
arrested from the age

oblivion intern
a despondent nullity
presage of insanity
deemed a lesser of evil

hope dashed upon a pale
of promise, I am
the very shard shattered
which severs the soul

once yesterday’s
offered its buds
but in these days
a child
diffident, pruned
immured within

as cell—cell as

love’s fortuity rose
ne’er descrying its
doubt surrendered
its fleeting atonement

withered, outcast
in the garden
who’s only embrace
now the embittered root
strangling to leech
a destitute heart
abetting this arrest

I cry from the exile
of this alien heart
I beg thee
hold me no more
to thy relentless repudiation

this wound rend
with its oppressive rue
let now this embittered
blush my frail spirit
and revive this beaten heart
lest my fate
perish in penitence
for doubt
I ne’er atoned

mercy is my cry
for all I wanted
was to love
to give in its bliss
to open you my crimson one
and allow your
life blood to flow
in grace
with tender anointing
in love’s transfusion

instead carved asunder
with singular

all my years
feign understanding
and unrealized
alas, the seer
ne’er the sought
all is mockery
so my portion

the loss

this account
every vessel now weighted
to draw till I can spend
no more

too anemic to dream
naught to know
but the beggary
known all of my days
none that remain will sustain

to this poverty then
grant thy pardon

written by Scott Schoffstall
© April 16, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn

to the flame

there’s a light seen and unseen
known and unknown and none between
only then will we yearn
when nevermore we return

from lingering night we’re drawn
possessed for a more immediate dawn
mad star struck from haughty height
furious downfallen bolt ignites

this profane reign contrives a sundering secede
its trajectory cuts a conniving bleed
for a phantom projects onto the austere night
and excites towards our abandoned flight

no more debased with our petition stayed
longing for imminent rescue delayed
was once our will bound, enslaved
emboldened, our new golden dawn’s arrayed

given, it gleams with manic delight
inciting our frenzied fevered flight
reckless, we escape the listless night
encircling madness, now pledge our plight

delirium denounce the refining austerity
cursing thee veiled odious asperity
only the fool now would resist
by clinging to hope unseen persist

burn blustering eidolon empire
all consumed consuming ravenous pyre
now the inhibiting night becomes dire
for our prodigal flight accuse thee liar

arise sinuous serpentine undulant ascent
spellbind with each flickering tongue transeunt
cool night covenant damned forgone chance
strike now our decadent Dionysian dance

as rolling rhythmic tongues enhance
lick even higher to transmuting trance
this swirling lascivious liturgy yearn
and careen our libertine flight inturn

howl nether nocturne, our brazen rewrite
lustful siren of silent night
willful want crescendo higher
satyric seduction sing our desire

carousel astride thy mounting pride
sentient bondage, bound carnal bride
a spiral sacrament of sacrificial rite
transmogrified spirit in bestial plight

blaze infernal vortex blowing within
bellowing blasphemous spurious spin
desecration defeating the retreating night
bedazzle and benight our sati rite

transfixed, impend this twisting inversion
so degenerate to sate its vain perversion
insatiate fate, insane destiny
kamikaze feu de joie set us free

wend descend this race spiral down on the turn
from regenerate revelation with shrapnel spurn
thereafter desolate will backfire burn
and nevermore paradise see our return

to the flame
written by Scott Schoffstall
© January 26, 2013
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn

a space for everything puts everything in its place

there are spaces for art
concerned only for
where you’re at
and what you are

to the extent you adhere
with an ensuring buffer
your art will serve
as filler
for what is in there

if, however, you are of weight
you will butt up against
what is in there
and may diminish it

upon delivery
it will be detracted
this is not profitable

if having maintained its
you may be referenced
and if shown useful
this is your purpose

you can’t assure the in
from the outside
there is no need of you there
you shall be shelved

for your art is refuse as
bubblewrap in their box



written by Scott Schoffstall
© September 11, 2012
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn