lo these many years
I entreat before thee
all their days and nights
one devoted to the other
yet denied thy pardon
I remain
arrested from the age

oblivion intern
a despondent nullity
presage of insanity
deemed a lesser of evil

hope dashed upon a pale
of promise, I am
the very shard shattered
which severs the soul

once yesterday’s
offered its buds
but in these days
a child
diffident, pruned
immured within

as cell—cell as

love’s fortuity rose
ne’er descrying its
doubt surrendered
its fleeting atonement

withered, outcast
in the garden
who’s only embrace
now the embittered root
strangling to leech
a destitute heart
abetting this arrest

I cry from the exile
of this alien heart
I beg thee
hold me no more
to thy relentless repudiation

this wound rend
with its oppressive rue
let now this embittered
blush my frail spirit
and revive this beaten heart
lest my fate
perish in penitence
for doubt
I ne’er atoned

mercy is my cry
for all I wanted
was to love
to give in its bliss
to open you my crimson one
and allow your
life blood to flow
in grace
with tender anointing
in love’s transfusion

instead carved asunder
with singular

all my years
feign understanding
and unrealized
alas, the seer
ne’er the sought
all is mockery
so my portion

the loss

this account
every vessel now weighted
to draw till I can spend
no more

too anemic to dream
naught to know
but the beggary
known all of my days
none that remain will sustain

to this poverty then
grant thy pardon

written by Scott Schoffstall
© April 16, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


About Scott Schoffstall

I'm a relatively new poet having started in earnest 11/2010. I have sought the authentic and am still on that quest. I've diverged from the norm yet always reached for the universal. My interests were always beyond the here and now. Beyond the taste, touch, smell, hear, see. Where the mind and the spirit transcend the physical. They say perception is reality. Is it? Are we truly all there is? View all posts by Scott Schoffstall

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