I AM not here

I am
not here
I do not appear
I do not exist
my will is to twist
I’m not participating
in your degenerating
game of chance
of circumstance
I do not include
with ones who allude

amongst  deceivers
the daydream weavers
illusion perceivers
virtue stealers
part time healers
full time crime
stalkers of rhyme
aren’t worth a dime
to take up my time

the ones that wail
to lift the veil
of society’s pale
then take them in
and feed their sin
again it begins
again and again
decedent of Cain
continue the course
rapacity enforce
that old Trojan horse

I do not seek
eternally bleak
lovers of night
making dark light
then coming down
when it comes around
ad nauseam brood
in pity exude
yet still curse the light
because it’s too bright
it fills them with fright
so they’re back to the night

I want to be free
of all that I see
but it’s become me
as much as I try
my wish is to die
I do not want this
but cannot resist



Written by Scott Schoffstall
©  February 05, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


About Scott Schoffstall

I'm a relatively new poet having started in earnest 11/2010. I have sought the authentic and am still on that quest. I've diverged from the norm yet always reached for the universal. My interests were always beyond the here and now. Beyond the taste, touch, smell, hear, see. Where the mind and the spirit transcend the physical. They say perception is reality. Is it? Are we truly all there is? View all posts by Scott Schoffstall

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