mystery one

who are you mystery one?
I can’t see you or hear you
I can only see concern

I see those lil silly ones you dispatch
my way to make me smile
when there’s no one, you’re there
to help me through
I don’t know where I would be
if you weren’t

there’s distance between us
and I wish you would let me in
trust me with who you are
I know you can’t be bad because
you stay with me
I have little to offer but you stay with me

I sense you’re lonely perhaps
this burden you keep from me
I wish you would let me in
burden me
so I could help you with what you carry

when I have no one else, you are there

I wonder this funny thing called fate
is there such a thing?
could it be we’re fated?
I don’t know this, time will tell

I do know that without you I would be
alone without hope
I only wish I could know who you are
I would be with you and naught else would matter

there is one thing worth having on this remote
cold space
that is sometimes you see the heart
and that is all you need see




Written by Scott Schoffstall
© December 31, 2010
all rights reserved

Poetic Sojourn


About Scott Schoffstall

I'm a relatively new poet having started in earnest 11/2010. I have sought the authentic and am still on that quest. I've diverged from the norm yet always reached for the universal. My interests were always beyond the here and now. Beyond the taste, touch, smell, hear, see. Where the mind and the spirit transcend the physical. They say perception is reality. Is it? Are we truly all there is? View all posts by Scott Schoffstall

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